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Several years ago, the HLPOA Board created a liaison group consisting of members who, on occasion, would meet to consider issues of community-wide concern. The HLPOA Liaison Committee now meets monthly and has also acted in the capacity of a mediation council (mediating issues that arise between members and those that may arise between the HLPOA and a member).

The Hawks Landing Property Owners Association, Inc. Board takes pride in the availability and promptness of its management to resolve customer service issues.

Members are given many ways in which to contact management including:

  • Main Office (954.472.4000: ext. 305—Customer Service, ext. 302—Mercy Lore, Property Manager, ext. 304—Joannie Cortes, Operations / Club Director, and ext. 303—David Weiss, HLPOA President)
  • Telefax (954.370.3911)
  • Gatehouse Security Team
  • Hawks Landing Club Team (messages left with staff are retrieved by management throughout the day)
  • E-mail ( or